Taipei Jiufen English Walking Tour-bgTaipei Jiufen English Walking Tour
New Taipei City, Taiwan

Taipei Jiufen English Walking Tour


  • Explore Jiufen Old Town, one of the most celebrated destinations in Taiwan
  • Go on an adventure through its maze-like lanes and alleyways with your English/Chinese-speaking tour guide
  • Learn about Jiufen’s past as a gold mining town during a guided tour of the Jiufen Gold Ore Museum
  • Visit the historical Shengping Theater, where classic Taiwanese films and traditional operas are shown


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New Taipei City, New Taipei, Taiwan


Jiufen - probably already on your bucket list of must-see places - is one of the most renowned cities among travelers in Taiwan. Once the most dominant gold mine city of Asia under Japanese colonization, she enjoyed prominence even well into the 1950s. For decades, Jiufen was celebrated for its luxurious lifestyle, the grandeur of its temples and theaters, and the sizes of its visiting crowds. Today, Jiufen is mostly appreciated for its local cuisine, the coastal views of North Taiwan, and its relation to popular movies such as 'Spirited Away' and 'A City of Sadness'. However, on this fascinating route, you will be brought to the unknown side of Jiufen away from the clustered tourist spots. Come with us on this tour to travel back in time and see the authentic Jiufen Town in its golden years!

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