Surrender Day Spa in Tides Hotel Boracay-bgSurrender Day Spa in Tides Hotel Boracay
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Surrender Day Spa in Tides Hotel Boracay


  • Take some time away from the busy pace of everyday life with a visit to Surrender Day Spa in Boracay
  • Feel all your stress melt away as you experience a Full Body Massage, a soothing and healing massage
  • Be in the safe care of professional massage therapists that are licensed and renowned for their skills
  • Relax in the spa's peaceful and serene ambience, with the pleasant and soothing scents of essential oils
  • Prime location in the island, making it an ideal place to visit after a fun and exciting day out at the beach!


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Balabag, Malay, Aklan, Filipina


Take some time off and disconnect yourself from the rest of the world with some rest and relaxation at Surrender Day Spa, a luxurious spa in Tides Hotel Boracay. With its prime, easily-accessible location inside D'Mall, Surrender Day Spa is a must-visit for anyone visiting the sandy beaches of this picturesque island, especially after an action-packed day outdoors! Take in the aroma of essential oils as you step inside the serene spa, which uses neutral tones and colors that will make your mind feel completely at ease. Meet your professional massage therapist of the day, renowned for their exceptional skills. Experience a Full Body Massage, a soothing and healing massage that rejuvenates all of your muscles by using energetic strokes. Feel all your stress and strain disappear with every touch of your therapist's skilled hands, further amplified by the delicate scent of herbs and oils. Once the massage is over, both your body and mind will be completely re-energized, preparing you to head back into the outside world!

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