St. Veronica's Hill Sunrise Leisure Hike Morning Tour-bgSt. Veronica's Hill Sunrise Leisure Hike Morning Tour
Tuaran, Malaysia

St. Veronica's Hill Sunrise Leisure Hike Morning Tour


  • Discover Malaysia's beautiful countryside when you travel to the flourishing outskirts of Sabah
  • Experience the tropics as you go on a trek up St. Veronica's Hill, just an hour drive from the city
  • Brave the forest trails on this ragged odyssey to the summit and see Sabah's lush panoramic views
  • Don't miss the chance to witness and capture the gorgeous sunrise rising above the hills
  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Tamparuli Town and meet with locals in surrounding villages


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Mengkaladoi, Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia


Sabah is one of Malaysia's many sought-after hiking destinations for its dominant mountainous terrains, scenic landscapes, and a bit of mystery that thrills outdoor explorers and adrenaline seekers alike. Among these natural wonders is the beautiful St. Veronica's Hill, which towers over the sylvan Tamparuli town and scattered villages at 278 meters above sea level. Known as Bukit Perahu, meaning “Hill Boat” in Malay as it resembles an inverted boat-shaped rock that sits near the summit's clearing. Your adventure begins upon your arrival at the small town of Tamparuli as you go on your leisure trek towards the peak. Expect a majority of trails leading through grizzled trees and bushes, as well as sporadic shrubs that will let you witness a gorgeous bird's eye view of the forest-rich backdrop of Mount Kinabalu. Once you've conquered the top, celebrate your victory capturing new sights of Borneo's entirety – enjoy panoramic vistas of the northern countryside confined in the shining rays of the beautiful sunrise. Dedicate your early morning rituals to an insightful retreat on the hill with nature within your reach. End the journey with a hearty breakfast back to the misty lowlands in Tamparuli town, where you will also get to interact with the village folks.

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