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Taipei City, Taiwan

Sparadise Aromatherapy Massage


  • Refresh your mind, body, and soul at Sparadise, Tripadvisor’s top ranked spa in Taipei
  • Enjoy high quality Florihana essential oils, mixed by certified aromatherapists and tailored to your preferences
  • Relax in the luxury treatment rooms of Sparadise, with soft classical music to help you destress
  • Choose from exclusive spa packages, featuring facial treatments from France like Ella Baché and Maria Galland


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Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan


Pamper yourself at Taiwan’s top spa with exclusive treatment packages! Sparadise is Tripadvisor’s number one spa in Taipei and the perfect place to experience massage therapy at its finest. Choose from 3 exclusive treatment packages, all featuring luxury essential oils and facial treatments from France, including Florihana, Ella Banché, and Maria Galland. All treatments include a 60 min oil massage from an Australia-certified aromatherapist, who will mix and tailor Florihana essential oils to your preferences. After the massage, you can choose from several different facial treatments on offer, including Purge - with a focus on deep cleaning for acne prone skin, Hydra Repulp - a hydrating mask treatment to bring more moisture to your skin, or Cocoon Regeneration - a 100 min deep cleanse and mask therapy featuring a Maria Galland Cocoon Mask treatment. All treatment rooms are modern, clean, and comfortable. Relax and enjoy your treatment to the melody of soft classical music playing in the background. Sparadise is the perfect place to recharge and refresh your body and spirit

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