Solaniwa Onsen Admission Ticket in Osaka-bgSolaniwa Onsen Admission Ticket in Osaka
Osaka, Jepang

Solaniwa Onsen Admission Ticket in Osaka

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  • In an expansive Japanese garden of more than 3,000 m2, enjoy a foot bath in your stylish yukata as you gaze upon the seasonal trees and flowers!
  • Enjoy any of 9 bath types including outdoor baths, comprising pure hot spring water brought up from 1,000 meters below the earth’s surface!
  • We’ve got 10 fully-private, spring-water outdoor baths for families, with their own mini-gardens!
  • This is one of the largest relaxation spaces in Kansai providing close to 30 services from traditional Japanese body care to modern beauty treatments!
  • Enjoy excellent food at Nawamoren (izakaya) and Kakuchi (standing bar)!


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Osaka, Osaka, Jepang


It’s time to give yourself a well-deserved pamper day! Alleviate your stress from daily life when you visit the Solaniwa Onsen in Osaka. Experience the true form of Japanese relaxation as you bathe in the soothing warm waters of the 100% natural onsen of Solaniwa. Dressed in the traditional Japanese Yukata, all guests will surely feel like they’ve traveled back to the Azuchi-Momoyama era inside. All packages include access to onsen baths, the rooftop garden, the resting areas, and even, full live shows making each visit a complete experience. The largest onsen theme park in West Japan provides the total package for any locals or travelers seeking refuge in hot springs. Give yourself a day off and book your admission ticket for Osaka’s Solaniwa Onsen now!

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