[Sale] Sports Village Suminoe Onsen Experience-bg[Sale] Sports Village Suminoe Onsen Experience
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Osaka, Jepang

[Sale] Sports Village Suminoe Onsen Experience


  • Hit pause on your exploration of Japan and spend a day at Sports Village Suminoe Onsen
  • Enjoy their open-air hot springs and feel relaxed while being surrounded by nature
  • Dip into their indoor onsens if you prefer to be alone with your thoughts while having a calming bath
  • Tag a friend or two and make this a unique bonding experience during your trip to Japan


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Osaka, Osaka, Jepang


Japan is well-known for their onsen or hot springs! If you find yourself roaming the streets of Osaka and want to take a break, you can embark on a quick onsen experience at Sports Village Suminoe Onsen. They have a variety of hot spring baths that are sure to give your aching body the healing and pampering that it needs! You can try their open-air hot springs for a truly calming bath while enjoying the view of your surroundings. You can also opt to head indoors and lounge inside their bigger baths! But whichever of their facilities you choose to try, you’re sure to have an unforgettable and refreshing time here.

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