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[SALE] 4G WiFi (TH Airport Pick Up) for Hong Kong -bg[SALE] 4G WiFi (TH Airport Pick Up) for Hong Kong
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Bang Plee, Thailand

[SALE] 4G WiFi (TH Airport Pick Up) for Hong Kong


  • Pick up your WiFi device at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang International Airport before you travel
  • With a portable, pocket-sized WiFi device, you won't have to worry about looking for internet
  • Access high speed 4G internet on the go wherever you are in Hong Kong
  • Stay charged with an included power bank that can be used for 16-18 hours on top of the 8 hours your WiFi device is capable of
  • For peace of mind, book insurance for your pocket WiFi and power bank for a bargain price!
  • While in [Hong Kong] don't miss out the [Hong Kong Disneyland Park] and [Peak Tram Fast-Track Combo]!


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Nong Prue, Bang Plee, Samut Prakan, Thailand


Staying connected and sharing with friends and family has never been easier, especially when you can just pick up a portable WiFi device that allows you to access 4G data while traveling in Hong Kong! Simply pick up your device at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang International Airport. You'll be sure you'll have internet connection before you even land in Hong Kong, so by the time you get there, you're ready to explore this hustling and bustling destination. If you opt for the basic package, you will receive a portable WiFi device that connects up to 10 devices simultaneously with 500MB of data each day - plenty for a day of exploring! It even comes with a power bank so you can rest assured that your expedition won't be hindered by a low battery charge. The other available package will give you even more peace of mind as you'll get insurance included in order to minimize your liabilities in case of loss or damages. No more worrying about internet for Googling locations, opening up maps online, or even ing your activities! Grab this portable pocket WiFi device and get started on Hong Kong adventures!

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