Portable Automatic Instant Translator (Shanghai PVG Airport Pick Up) by Youbanban-bgPortable Automatic Instant Translator (Shanghai PVG Airport Pick Up) by Youbanban
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Shanghai, China

Portable Automatic Instant Translator (Shanghai PVG Airport Pick Up) by Youbanban


  • Enjoy instant translations from a sophisticated portable device developed with higher accuracy than industry apps
  • Make overseas communication so much easier for traveling, ordering, hotel check-in, tickets, directions, and more
  • No need to connect to WiFi in Mainland China — just turn on and use!
  • Capable of supporting 20 language translations between Mandarin, Korean, English, and more
  • With its 9 hour battery life and online or offline capabilities, this is a great device for travelers on the go


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Pudong, Shanghai, Shanghai, China


Conquer the language barrier with a highly developed portable automatic instant translator! Available for pick-ups at Shanghai Pudong Airport, the portable intelligent translator translates 20 languages with high accuracy, breaking down the communication problems that travelers often have to face. The translator breaks up the oral sentences it hears, learning even as it goes along with a highly sophisticated AI. It's convenient and portable, so you can use it when checking in, shopping, asking for directions, and other instances where oral communication is necessary. The instant translation means you're communicating in real time, just as if you had a live translator with you. Enjoy traveling with ease with this portable translator!

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