National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) Ticket -bgNational Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) Ticket
Yilan, Taiwan

National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) Ticket

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  • Draw lots at Wenchang Temple, which is worshiped to bring culture and literature to the country
  • Attend a ceremonial cart ride - a parade that locals believe wards off evil and brings good fortune
  • Visit the Folk Art Boulevard, full of shops featuring intricate handicrafts, performances, and more
  • Go on a relaxing boat ride around the premises and learn all about its history and culture
  • Join DIY classes and create your own souvenirs


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Yilan, Taiwan, Taiwan


The National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) in Yilan, Taiwan is a haven for all lovers of arts, culture and literature, and a must see whenever you're in the city. The NCFTA has three different buildings for you to visit: the Wenchang Temple, Scholar Huang's Residence, and the Guanghsiao Shrine. Each building is a cultural attraction, and a representation of the love for arts, culture and literature in Yilan. The Wenchang Temple is a sanctuary for artists, as it is home to 5 Wenchang gods, who are believed to be the guardian angels of scholars and writers. The hall also hosts gods for traditional drama and craftsmanship, and they help pass down the legacy of traditional arts in Yilan. Aside from visiting those three buildings, there is much to do at NCFTA. At the Folk Art Boulevard, you can stop by any of the shops that display exquisite handicrafts presenting the traditional lifestyle in Yilan. You can watch performances on the plaza stage, walk along the Education Boulevard and ride a boat at the Waterfront Boulevard. Visit the Guanghsiao Shrine to learn about Yilan's family values, or go to the Scholar Huang's Residence to experience newborn rituals and folk culture first hand. You can even attend DIY classes and create a unique souvenir to take home, or try out the ceremonial cart ride that locals believe wards off illnesses and evil.

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