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Dining at Mount Faber OR Sentosa


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Bersantaplah di tengah-tengah hutan hujan yang rimbun di restoran puncak bukit di Mount Faber. Cicipi makanan lokal favorit di restoran bersertifikat halal di Sentosa. Pilihlah untuk menikmati pengalaman bersantap yang unik saat makan siang ATAU makan malam




Bukit Merah, Singapura, Singapura, Singapura


Arbora Restaurant offers a unique hilltop garden dining experience. Perched atop the 40 hectare Mount Faber Park, it primarily caters to all-day casual dining, and serves a selection of Western classics, craft beers, and botanical-inspired drinks. In addition, the Good Old Days is a family-friendly halal restaurant conveniently located outside Sentosa’s Beach Station. Housed in an old colonial-style bungalow, it serves a wide variety of local favourites such as laksa and chicken rice.

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