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Permainan & Hobi

Klias River Fireflies Safari Cruise

Beaufort, Malaysia


  • Experience Kilas Wetlands and marvel at its beauty
  • Explore stunning mangrove forests and catch a glimpse of the Proboscis Monkeys
  • Sample local cuisine on board the river cruise while watching the sun sink into the river
  • See fireflies dance in the night sky on the fireflies cruise before heading back to Kota Kinabalu
  • Looking for something exciting? Experience the longest [white water rafting] trip in Borneo which is 15km long!


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Padas Valley, Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia


Klias Wetland is a mangrove forest reserve and a destination quickly gaining popularity with tourists. Catch it before it becomes a tourist hotspot and experience the best of Kilas while it's still quiet and pristine. One of the major attractions is, of course, the chance to spot the rare Proboscis Monkeys. The tree-dwelling celebrities typically show up after sunset, so make sure you keep your eyes out for them as you sail along the river. You'll also enjoy a delicious dinner onboard and watch fireflies dance in the night sky.

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