Kim's Massage and Spa (No.9) Experience in Phuket Old Town -bgKim's Massage and Spa (No.9) Experience in Phuket Old Town
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Pulau Phuket, Thailand

Kim's Massage and Spa (No.9) Experience in Phuket Old Town

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  • Escape the busy streets of Phuket when you book a relaxing treatment at Kim's Massage and Spa
  • Free your mind and indulge your senses with an hour of an aromatic oil massage
  • Choose from a wide range of different spa services that best suit your relaxing needs
  • Travel at ease to the spa with a [Phuket Private Car Charter] service


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Pulau Phuket, Phuket, Thailand


Indulge in a special treatment after a day’s worth of exploring the popular destinations of Phuket. Find relief from back and muscle pain or headaches when you book a soothing package at Kim’s Massage and Spa. These calming treatments are sure to help you rest, allowing you to fix your sleeping problems or jet lag. With the spa’s offerings, your therapist will help ease stiff muscles and joints from your long journey. This is also beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis or muscle injuries. So what are you waiting for? Visit Kim’s Massage and Spa and get the boost you need for your next adventure in Thailand!

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