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Kidzooona Ticket in Sabah

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
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  • Treat your kids to an exciting day out at Kidzooona in Sabah!
  • This indoor theme park is filled with cool attractions and fun activities for the kids
  • At Kidzooona, children can grow mentally and physically through a variety of learning activities
  • Jump on trampolines, swim in ball pits, and play at make-believe stations with your kids
  • Take photos with Kidzooona characters: Lala the squirrel, Aeo the cat, Pitant the snail, and Pambit the rabbit


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Kampong Ayer, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


Bring your kids on a fun-filled day out at Kidzooona in Sabah! Humongous ball pits, toy corners, miniature trampolines, colorful art installations, and role-playing booths will welcome everyone who will visit this interactive theme park. Your young ones can expect to improve their abilities, knowledge, and learn new things from all the activities prepared by the staff. Yes! Kidzooona is not just a playground, it's a place where children can reach their full potential. If you want them to play, interact with other kids, and gain new insightful experiences, book a discounted ticket at ! Kidzooona Sabah is sure to provide your kids a whole day of entertainment!

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