Chongming Island Whole Day Cycling Tour from Shanghai-bgChongming Island Whole Day Cycling Tour from Shanghai
Shanghai, China

Chongming Island Whole Day Cycling Tour from Shanghai


  • Go beyond the bustling streets of Shanghai and go on a thrilling adventure to see one of China’s rural gems
  • Hop on a bicycle and traverse the picturesque Chinese countryside while getting scenic views of the landscape
  • Explore Chongming Island and discover daily traditional and rural life as you pass by villages and monuments
  • Ride along the riverside, meander through charming pastoral lands, and revel in the tranquil and sublime nature
  • Visit the island’s bird sanctuary and marvel at the different species of majestic avians calling it home


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Chongming, Shanghai, Shanghai, China


Looking to see more of China beyond the busy streets of Shanghai? Book through and go on a thrilling whole day cycling tour that’ll take you to a gorgeous rural area in the country that most people don’t bother to visit. You’ll begin the tour by getting picked up by a private transfer that’ll take you to a bicycle rental shop. You’ll hop on a bike and take it for a sweet ride to the beautiful island of Chongming. On the way there, you’ll get filmic views of the lush Chinese countryside, so make sure to bring your camera so you can take wonderful snapshots of the incredible landscape. All throughout this tour, you’ll be cycling alongside an engaging tour guide who will regale you with great stories and interesting trivia about the island. There, you’ll witness daily rural life as you meander around the many villages and pastoral lands around it. You can also visit the bird sanctuary where you can watch a wide variety of avians flying around the area and perching on trees. This is a must for culture enthusiasts and nature lovers who like to go exploring on a bike.

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