Chengdu to Leshan Giant Buddha Private Day Tour-bgChengdu to Leshan Giant Buddha Private Day Tour
Leshan, China

Chengdu to Leshan Giant Buddha Private Day Tour


  • Visit the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world in the heart of Sichuan Province
  • Leshan Giant Buddha (Da Fo) was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with [Mount Emei] in 1996
  • This imposing river-facing, 71m statue inspires peace and meditation and attracts millions of visitors a year
  • Try out unique gourmet finds around Leshan such as Bobo Chicken, Tofu Jelly and Sweet Skin Duck
  • Do as the locals do and travel across Chengdu via public transport, but with your own English-speaking guide


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Shizhong, Leshan, Sichuan, China


Not far from the city of Chengdu sits the tallest pre-modern statue and largest stone Buddha statue in the world. From your hotel, your guide will first bring you to downtown Leshan to have a taste of the city's popular dishes and other Sichuan delicacies. After a hearty lunch, you'll be ready to see the ancient wonder that is the Leshan Giant Buddha! This colossal statue of Maitreya (bodhisattva or a Buddha yet to come) standing at 71 meters was carved into the side of Mount Lingyun over 1,300 years ago. The site attracts hundreds of people every day, including Buddhist pilgrims who consider this a sacred destination. The charm of the Leshan Giant Buddha lies not only in its size but also in its architectural artistry. There are 1,021 buns in its coiled hair, which have been skillfully embedded in the head. It also has an ingenious drainage system made up of hidden gutters and channels across its head, behind the ears, and down to its arms and legs to displace rainwater and keep the insides dry and ensure the preservation of the statue.

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