[SALE 50%] Art in Paradise 3D Museum Ticket in Da Nang-bg[SALE 50%] Art in Paradise 3D Museum Ticket in Da Nang
Son Tra, Vietnam

[SALE 50%] Art in Paradise 3D Museum Ticket in Da Nang

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  • Get access to the largest 3D art museum in Vietnam with this voucher
  • Choose among the 9 zones inside the museum that will let you be part of its theme
  • Re-enact and play characters from popular movies or explore the mystery inside the Egyptian room
  • Have fun with the wide collection of wall to floor art pieces that will surely trick your eyes


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Tha Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam


Get access to the fantastic world of illusions at Art in Paradise 3D Museum in Da Nang. A first of its kind in the city, this unique attraction is frequently visited by art and optical illusion enthusiasts. The museum features over 130 3D wall-to-floor masterpieces which were painted by talented artists from South Korea. These art pieces give the illusion of depth when viewed from a certain angle, and they are designed to serve as a backdrop for your photo opportunities. Play along with your family and friends as you pose like a real surfer in front of the enormous waves or act like a real treasure hunter inside the Egyptian room.

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