Aboriginal Hunter School Experience in Hualien-bgAboriginal Hunter School Experience in Hualien
Hualien, Taiwan

Aboriginal Hunter School Experience in Hualien


  • Get an authentic experience of the Huadong lifestyle by visiting the Malasang aboriginal hunter school
  • Train with locals on how to use traditional weapons like the bow-and-arrow and the slingshot
  • Learn survival skills through net fishing and fire starting using wood
  • Indulge in a delicious meal of aboriginal soup and bamboo tube rice


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Hualien, Taiwan, Taiwan


Attend the Malasang Hunter School in Hualien to learn plenty of things about their aboriginal cultures and ways of life. First, learn how to uniquely cook rice using the bamboo tube, which is a sweet and fragrant delicacy in Hualien. Then, grab a wooden bow-and-arrow and slingshot for an exciting contest with your friends! Try essential survival skills like trap/fish net setting and lighting fires through wood drilling. Fully immerse yourself in their culture and wear their traditional clothes, and take some photos before finally enjoying a soothing bowl of aboriginal soup. Book through now for this exciting experience.

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