Art in Paradise Admission Ticket

Art in Paradise Admission Ticket

Bangkok - Thailand,

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Art in Paradise Admission Ticket

The first 3D art museum in Bangkok now welcomes guest to pose with sharks, giant cats, and storks among many others. Art in Paradise lets visitors become a part of art as they pose against backdrops of paintings depicting hilarious moments and tricky situations.

Art in Paradise Bangkok is made up of six zones: Aquarium & Safari, Classic, Fantasy, Nature, Modern, and Interactive Media. But even before going to these zones, you would have to leave your shoes by the entrance to make sure that the floors remain as clean as possible.

Aquarium & Safari has the giant cat wall art and shark attack paintings. A more mellow message in a bottle art can also be found here, except that instead of art, you are the one inside the bottle that’s floating on the sea.

The Classic zone has art paintings that seem like they’re from ages ago. One specific art is a crowd favourite. It’s the fiery red wings set on a rocky backdrop. It makes for an instant profile picture shot.

Teacup, puppeteer and giant mushroom paintings make up the Fantasy Zone. Here, you can pose as if you’re attached to strings like a puppet being manipulated by a clown. One of the more whimsical paintings in this zone is the one with the princess shoe that acts like a waterfall. The roses and the staircase leading to what seems like a castle make this specific art a highly-favoured wall.

The Nature zone is filled with paintings of hanging bridges, tall trees, and pyramids. Families enjoy this a lot as they can act like they’re balancing on the bridge as they look down on what seems to be a pretty high fall.

Breathe fire and pose for your Time Magazine cover in the Modern Zone. There’s also a robot hand, gondola ride, and Gucci shop entrance on this zone.

Finally, the newest addition of Art in Paradise is Interactive Media. In this zone, a video responds to a visitor’s facial expression or movement.

Once inside, you can stay for however long you want. Tripods are highly recommended so you don’t have to ask someone else to take your photo and you can have the whole family in one shot.

Business hours from 10:00 to 21:00

Make your own way
Esplanade Shopping Mall, 4th floor - Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng,Din Daeng, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

Visit Art in Paradise Bangkok and see the zones that make up the whole interactive attraction
Be a part of art and pose against backdrops of more more than 150 paintings
Get instant confirmation via email after booking

What to Wear:
- Light, comfortable clothing

What to Bring:
- Camera
- Tripod

Attraction Notes:
- Once inside, guests are free to stay for however long they want
- There may be a queue for some wall arts

Price Includes :
Admission fee

Price Excludes :
Personal expenses

Safety :
- Guest between 100 to 130 centimetres in height are considered as children, and as such must be accompanied by a paying adult

Syarat dan Ketentuan

Business hours from 10:00 to 21:00

For ADULT, the bottom age limit is 11 years old and the upper limit is 99 years oldFor CHILDREN, the bottom age limit is 3 years old and the upper limit is 10 years old

The rate is non-refundable.

You will receive a voucher by email. It contains all the information for this activity. You will need to print and present this voucher along with the passports of all guests at the ticketing counter to redeem your physical attraction ticket.

Esplanade Shopping Mall, 4th floor - Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng,Din Daeng, Bangkok, Thailand 10400