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Last updated: 12/06/2023

Operational Policy for Trips by Train

As of June 9, 2023, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has officially issued a new regulation stated in Circular Letter No. 17 of 2023 regarding Health Protocols for Train Passengers during the Transitional Period of the COVID-19 Endemic. This has led to changes in several health protocol rules compared to the previous regulation. The following are the latest regulations that need to be adhered to by passengers of InterCity trains in Java and Sumatra:

  • Passengers are recommended to receive the COVID-19 vaccination up to the 2nd booster or 4th dose, especially for individuals at high risk of COVID-19 transmission;
  • Passengers are allowed not to wear masks when in a healthy condition and not at risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19;
  • Passengers are advised to carry a hand sanitizer and/or use soap and running water for regular handwashing;
  • Passengers have to maintain distance or avoid crowds to prevent COVID-19 transmission, especially individuals who are unwell and at risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19; and
  • Passengers are recommended to continue using the SATUSEHAT application to monitor personal health.

Now that you know the regulations, you can book a train ticket or check the ticketing policy.

Information for Intercity Trains

  • Starting from 26 October 2021, adult and child passengers must input their Population Identification Number in the identity card column on the train ticket reservation. Meanwhile, foreign citizens (WNA) must use the identification number on their passports.
  • Passengers with children 3 years and over are required to buy tickets with a seat at the adult passenger rate (100% of the ticket price). The identity number listed is the NIK (Resident Identification Number) printed on the Family Card or the Child's Identity Card.
  • Passengers can temporarily add infant tickets (children under 3 years old) at the KAI counter by filling out the form and using the NIK (Population Identification Number) as an identity. Additional tickets can be made at least 1 hour before departure.

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