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What is Seat Selection?

Seat selection is a feature from that allows you to select your seat for maximum comfort during the flight. Whether you want to sit at the front or the back, it’s all up to you.

How to Select Seats When Ordering a Flight Ticket

1. Search Flights

To use the Seat Selection feature, make sure you have app version 4.4 or newer. Open the Flights page. Choose the destination and travel date you want, then tap "Search Flights".

2. Select the Best Flight for You

On the search result page, select the flight you want.

3. Choose "Travel Add-ons"

After you filled in the order and passenger details, you can select and add seats for the flight.

4. Seats for the Selected Flight

On the Seat Selection page, choose your flight and select the seats you want from the available options.

5. Select Seat Type

Each seat type has a different price. There are 3 types of seats available: Free, Standard, and Premium. Be sure to choose your seat position, then tap "Save".

6. Check the Selected Seats Again

After selecting the seat you want, re-check the seat number for each passenger. If you choose a paid seat, check the total seat price and tap "Save".

7. Check the Total Price

After selecting a seat, please check the seat and the flight ticket price on the Booking Form page. Then, tap "Continue to Payment".

8. See in My Order or e-ticket

After your payment is confirmed and the ticket is issued, you can see the seat number you’ve selected on the ticket.

  1. Charges and seat availability will vary for each flight and are subject to airline policy.

  2. For each purchase on seat selection, the price will be automatically added to ticket payment.

  3. Seat selection transaction is non-refundable.

  4. Seat selection for the same day can be made up to 6 hours before departure. Policies can change according to airline regulations.

  5. The seat selection feature applies to all flights. Connection/transit seat options follow availability and policies on the next flight/airline.

  6. Seats that have been booked and paid for will be forfeited if the passenger changes route or flight destination.

  7. Seats that have been booked and paid for will be forfeited if the passenger reschedules.

  8. Forfeited seats cannot be cashed or exchanged for a new seat. Passengers must make a re-seat reservation.

  9. If there is any cancellation from the airline, the selected seat will be refundable.

  10. The airline and have the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

  11. For more information, please contact our Customer Care at 0804 1500 878 or via Whatsapp service at 0858 11 500 888.