Rumah Aca
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Rumah Aca, Bandung
Rumah Aca, Bandung
Rumah Aca, Bandung
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Guest House

Rumah Aca

Dago, Bandung


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01 Des 2015 - Berlibur dengan teman
untuk kamarnya oke bgt, seperti apartemen yg lumayan mewah lngkp dengan peralatan sperti microwave, water heater, wastafel cuci piring, lemari piring, kulkas, dll. secara keseluruhan oke bgt. wifi oke, channel tv bagus2 dan bersih secara kseluruhan. untuk sarapannya enak dan lengkap buah-buahan. totally satisfied bgt sm guest house ini.
12 Feb 2013 - Keluarga
saya book selama 2 malam di Rumah aca. Rumah aca adalah sebuah rumah di daerah Dago yg cukup besar,yg oleh pemiliknya digunakan sebagai tempat kost yg cukup nyaman. Lantai 2 dan 3 adalah tempat kost,sedangkan guest housenya sendiri ada dilantai dasar yg hanya 5 kamar saja. kalo anda mengharapkan tempat yg ramai ,bukan disini tempatnya.rumah aca cocok buat yg ingin tinggal lama di bandung untuk cari sekolah anak karna di dalam kamar,lengkap ada kompor,micrpwave kulkas dan peralatannya. kalo kebersihannya saya kasih jempol,..break fast so soow laah hehe..harga..mmm kalo buat saya agak kemahalan..btw,ibu pemiliknya baik,tp lupa nanya namanya...
28 Des 2016 - Keluarga
Rumah Aca is indeed a hidden gem Guesthouse ever founded. Thier first floor rooms are all meant for guest while 2nd and 3rd floor are the student dorms. Its really a quiet place. Nice place to stay but not for those who are having some high expectation like 4 or 5 star hotel stay. this a guesthouse but I would rate it as 4 star guesthouse. Initially was to book another property however its fully booked. So happen to come across with Rumah Aca. Dicussion with Wife over this place and check whats the room offer with price, its all fit our preference. Room with a King-Bed plus a Sofa-Bed Queen-sized mind you. Water-dispenser of hot and cold drink. In-Room Microwave also available. A Fridge, yeah a fridge also in the room. Not those mini-bar fridge ok. Its a real fridge. Plus there is a Kitchenette with cooking utensils provided as well. Bathtub is also available in the room. With those amenities they provide really suit all of my family preference. Therefore we decided to give a try as Bandung has always been our family annual holiday trip. Its our 6th year going Bandung. So a Guesthouse stay is our choice as we are staying for 5 nights. I didnt really expect there is breakfast provided. Its a simple home-cooked breakfast. Thats is already enough to fill our tummy as a family. Location is very good. Nearby to lots of streets foodstalls which are near to a university which we managed to try one of them on our last day of stay there. also about 5-10mins walk to Dago Factory Outlets like Blossom or Nike. The Staffs are very nice people. they really assist me as much as they can like laundry service, the housekeeping and the breakfast. even without telling them to make-up the room, they still clean our room and changed all our towels. Really appreciate that. Definitely Rumah Aca is one of my choices of accomodation if I were to go Bandung for a longer period of holiday again as Im not a fussy Guest. Thank you Rumah Aca for all your services. :)

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Resepsionis 24 Jam


Jl. Imam Bonjol no. 47

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Rumah Aca beralamat di Jl. Imam Bonjol no. 47
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