Growing with Happiness
We Deliver Fun for Everyone
It’s the partnership, cooperation, and teamwork that bring out the best happiness for everyone. We collaborate, design, continuously brainstorm, we grow, and most of all, we have the most fun in what we do.
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Job Opportunities
We’re a diverse mix of tech wizards, magicians, creative, and innovators. We live and breathe code, brew products, perform marketing magic, forge partnerships, and creating recipes for processes to continuously bake a specially-made joy for everyone.
Human Resources General Affair
It’s the journey to find and develop the ‘right’ you to grow with us.
Legal & Compliance
The place where we ensure everything is safe and sound - legally!
Finance & Accounting
We battle with numbers, financial statements, and Excel sheets!
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We love to see you happy

We embody fun in our culture, and we’d love for you to experience the best of us. If
you love challenge, this is the best place for you to improve your skills and accelerate
your growth! Delicious food included