Hotel Dekat De Nyuh Spa and Beauty Salon

Welcome to De Nyuh Spa and Beauty Salon, A place where you can relax and pamper yourself, we would like to take you away for a while from the stress piled up from your daily routine and activities 

Our name,"De Nyuh" were derived from Balinese language, which means "for coconut". As our name were derived from coconut, 80% of our products were made especially from coconut fruit, even our equiptment were made from it's tree. 
You'll be amazed with how convenient a coconut tree could be.


Separated with a bridge beautifully decorated with pebbles and grass, our service area were divided in two parts, DRY AREA and WET AREA. However, our treatment includes,

Dry Area :
- Hair treatment
- Hair wash and blow
- Hair cut
- Hair coloring
- Hair braiding

Wet Area :
- Body massage
- Face treatment
- Reflexology
- Pedicure & manicure

Our massage technique were a combination of Bali massage with Turkish, European, and Ayurvedik techniques. 
We'd make sure that you're not just relaxed, but also experience the benefits of our treatment


Located at Seminyak, one of the most fascinating spot in Bali, you can find us at the top floor of GrandmasHotel Seminyak, our staff will welcomed you with the utmost hospitality. 
Combining the luxury of nature, the execellence of quality, and first class service, we'd like to invite you to De Nyuh Spa and Beauty Salon.


Camplung Tanduk Street 99, Seminyak