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Candi Penataran / Panataran

Candi Penataran / Panataran

The original name of Penataran temple is Palah temple, mentioned in the inscription was built in 1194 by King Çrnga (Syrenggra) who holds Sri Maharaja Sri Sarweqwara Triwikramawataranindita Çrengalancana Digwijayottungadewa who ruled the kingdom of Kediri between the years 1190 to 1200, as a mountain temple for worship ceremony place in order to ward off or escape from danger caused by the frequent Kelud erupted. Book written by the Mpu Negarakretagama Prapanca tells King Hayam Wuruk trip, who ruled the kingdom of Majapahit between the years 1350 – 1389.  Palah temple is a place to worship the Hyang Acalapat, the embodiment of Shiva as Girindra (Giri Indra, king of the mountain ruler).

In 1995 the temple was proposed as a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list.


Indonesia , 66181, Jawa Timur, Blitar, Nglegok, Penataran


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