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Goa Jatijajar

Goa Jatijajar

Jatijajar Cave is a cave formed over thousands of years at the foot of limestone mountains. The cave is 250 meters long. In this Jatijajar Cave area there are also several other caves, such as Intan Cave and Dempok Cave also available parks and Monkey Island. The stalactite in Dempok cave naturally occurring for hundreds or even thousands of years ago still maintained its authenticity. Intan Cave is one location with Jatijajar Cave tourism. Goa has its own uniqueness to the sky cave is relatively not very high. These limestone mountains stretching from the northern and southern ends jutting into the sea in the form of a cape. Located about 42 kilometers to the west of the City Kebumen or 21 kilomater to the south of Gombong.

Jatijajar Cave tourist attraction equipped beautiful garden which is equipped with a playground. This park is named Monkey Island, because in this park there are lots of sculptures of monkeys. At the gates of Jatijajar Cave mouth, there are holes in between stalagmite, so when the sunshine comes in looks very beautiful. Jatijajar Cave is a proof the legend of Kamandaka (monkey Kasarung), where this story is told implicitly through the sculptures are in Jatijajar Cave.


Kebumen, Ayah, Jatijajar


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